Planning/Coordination Services

Don’t like the stress of planning or organizing events? Well, let me help with all the details. From making guest lists and seating charts to helping find the perfect venue or DJ, I can help with it all. Planning events for me is fun and stress free. Let me help make sure that every little detail is thought out so you can just enjoy the day!


Let me help setup all the decorations so you can just relax and enjoy the night.

Ready to just go home at the end of the party? Go for it! Let me help with all the cleanup required.

Decoration Planning
Not sure what you want for the theme or having trouble finding the decor? I can help. Let me help find the perfect items to make the event extra special.

Event Planning

Guest Lists

Not sure who to invite or how many people is just too many? Let me help you find the perfect balance. We can make sure all of the important people are included and so everyone can be a part of the

Seating Charts
Have everyone invited but now not sure what to do next? I can take the guest list and make sure that no one is left alone or is sitting next to an ex. Let me handle the stress of finding everyone the perfect seat!

Vendor Help
Not sure where to hold the event or what food to serve? I can help find the perfect vendors to make this the event that everyone will be talking about.

Day of Coordination
Do you just want to enjoy the day and not have to be in charge of telling everyone what to do? Let me hep make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.


Let me help design, address, and send out the invitations for you. I can even keep track of the RSVP’s as they get returned.

Schedule Creation

Let me help plan every minute of the day. From when to get ready to when to clean up. I can help down to the very last second of the night

Anything Else

Looking for something that isn’t listed here? Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries.

Even the smallest detail can have the biggest impact.

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